HonklerHangout Marathon

Monday I was online with Yoshi, who is a cryptocurrency pioneer and Liberland diplomat living a few miles from Liberland itself.

I had some technical difficulties with the microphone jack on the computer from where I was presenting the safex blockchain, the marketplace, and some of the raw views of the twm wallet.

I tried to speak as loud as possible, but I would not pass up the opportunity to show Yoshi what we’ve been up to all this time.


So, after this presentation I got excited. I have now downloaded safex-windows-testnet6.8 but creating a listing seems to big of a task for me to understand fully.

Is there a manual available, or would somebody take time to explain me how to create my first listing? Usually once I do things once, I can repeat the process.

I’m having some unique items and more then willing to sell exclusively on safex platform, as Daniel so far has shown me to be a trustworthy partner with mind and heart at the right place.

Once I get a hang of listing item’s you can be sure I will create some content on the workings of the software, but so far I’m stuck and it will be much more efficient for me to get someone to explain me the steps, contact me plz.



cli testing certainly isn’t within everyone’s comfort zone. There’s no testing manual unfortunately.

But!! :slight_smile:

We are just about to move from testnet to stagenet in the next week, and there will be gui wallets released that will allow you to test out the functions in a more user-friendly fashion.

Stay tuned for more info in this week’s update.




Hope this helps! A document above has examples you can use to make listings and interact with the GUI & CLI wallets. :space_invader:


So, I’m not sure if I can create listings, I don’t really have a computer available without risking coins on the one that I’m writing on now and this one is running with Windows 10. I’m really not a computer expert, never really interacted with a pc apart from clicking, maybe I’m too early. I will try to find a friend that can help me with this, but it’s too big of a step for me I’m affraid.


Remember this is still just testnet/stagenet phase. The real marketplace will be out when the mainnet forks and the userfriendly wallet comes out. So, “real” listings are not possible yet, online “imaginary” listings to test all functions of the marketplace. The user-friendly wallet (graphical user interface) for stagenet (test phase) is expected to come out this week. Then you can test listing products and later make “real” listings on the mainnet.


Learn how to use the ecosystem in the safety of a “training” environment (stagenet) so you can feel confident in what you’re doing once the live marketplace launches on Mainnet. :wink:

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