How and when will Safex holders recieve Safex Coins?

When is it planned for Safex holders to be granted Safex Coins?
Will this be in a 1:1 ratio?
Will this be a one time thing only?
If only people holding the Safex in Safex wallet will recieve them, this means there will be more Coins than Safex in the wallet, what than?

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Good question. I would like to hear the answer also. Cheers

  1. You will receive a coin attached to the safex coins you have now. There’s possibly going to be a vote for the name of this coin, but it’s hinting towards being called: Safex cash. Simply said: Safex coin (the one you have now) is the HODL coin and Safex cash will be the spender coin.
  2. No. Once an airdrop (percentage) and after that dividends, it will be a percentage of the transactions made on the safex marketplace. For further information I refer to the website (, the safex news website ( or the safex youtube channel. You can also wait for the whitepaper to be released in 2-3 weeks or so.
  3. (see 2).
  4. Not sure what you mean with this question. Please elaborate.

Welcome on board with this fantastic project.

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I though that if 1 SAFEX = 1 SAFEX CASH in SAFEX wallet. And there are less SAFEX’S in the wallets than they exist, this could result in each SAFEX to recieve multiple SAFEX CASH. If you know what I mean.

P.S. So the dividends will start in Q2 18?

No the airdrop will be a percentage of the total (future) available coins. The dividends are generated from the 5% transaction fee on the marketplace. Theoretically if you hold your safex coin for a very long time the amount of safex cash will exceed you coin holdings (but I am talking many years). Other ways to obtain safex cash is via mining and/or selling something on the marketplace. Very likely they will also be listed on online exchanges.

Yes, somewhere Q2-18 this will all happen - the whitepaper will be released soon and in there the process for registering your wallet address to receive dividends will be described into detail.