How do I begin?

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Thank you so much for reading the thread, but I am fairly new to this coin-industry/alt-coin industry. I somehow got the idea of how the private key works and creating an account through Omniwallet.But the question which I have in mind is that, if I have created a wallet through then import it to my Omni account, can I send BTC currency directly to the specified wallet?

Next question would be, how do I convert it to SAFEX? I can’t seem to find a guide for beginners in here, I am really looking forward into investing in this currency, if someone can pinpoint to me where to begin, it would be a very big help.


Yes you can send BTC to that address which you created on Which you imported to Omni (which you should do only when you want to spend from that address)

Regarding acquiring SAFEX:
You can acquire them from the website and can follow the videos how to do that here:

Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX) are stored in the same kind of addresses as Bitcoins. Just make sure you own the private key of course.

Let us know if you need more help! :sunrise_over_mountains: Welcome to the forum @privxls

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Thank you so much, this will be a jump start for me :smile:


I am new to the SEC and just have been investing in BitCoin and ETH but wanted to be part of SAFEX. After visiting and using the #2 option where the keys are created - I proceeded to the next screen > made the payment but had to keep clicking reset timer.

Finally the screen that says do not close, refresh or leave, stopped counting down but I did not get my success screen.

The bitcoins have left my account - coinbase - the transaction had about 12 confirmations at the time my screen left.

I can use the and see the block and the coins on the address I sent to - yet I stll do not see any signs of my coins.

I did use the private key to import and create a wallet at omniwallet but still see nothing there.

I read elsewhere the safecoins get sent to the address the bitcoins were sent from - but I can not find anything.

Currently right now - I feel like I’ve just lost $100 bucks just dipping my toe in. I plan on doing more - but wanted to see a transaction go smooth.

I can not find anywhere for support on and that screen stopping. How do I go about getting my SEC coins?


hey @jjshares, sorry that happened. There may have been a minor error that caused you not to getting to the end. Tomorrow we will be announcing updates for the site that we have been working on for the past couple of weeks. All of your data for completing the transaction was normally received by our system.

Sincere sorry for this, and huge thanks for bringing it right to our attention.

P.s. we have an email contact form that is frequently checked as well (in case someone reads this in the future

Just wanted to follow up publicly - Thanks for the help! Joined the safex community, ddabek helped resolve my glitch during purchase. good people.


We found the bug that caused the option 2 method to not reach the success screen even though the payment was completed.

Here is what the success screen looks like :slight_smile:

:sunrise: :sunrise_over_mountains:

Excellent. That confirmation screen will be helpful to new users! lol

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