How many users does the marketplace have?

Hi all. I just wanted to stop by and ask a question about the overall progress of the marketplace in terms of attracting new users. Is there a way that we can see how many active users the marketplace currently has?

And is there any forecast or official prediction as to when or how many users the marketplace is expected to have 2 years from now? As many of you know, the user base is very important to the price of the token. Nothing ever takes off, if it doesn’t have many users.

So I’m just wondering when we’ll start to see things picking up, now that the project is roughly 5 years old. I’m wondering when we’ll see the price of safex token, and safex cash move on up to $0.10 or more. We’ve been under a penny for years now, with only erratic jumps above that for very small periods of time. And I think that 5 full years is getting on up there. I realize these things often take even longer than that, which is why I asked about a forecast for 2 years from now. At the 7 year mark, things are either going to happen or they’re not. We’ll have a good idea by then where this thing is really going.

Anyway thanks for reading!

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I’m really curious about this as well. It would be nice to know how many unique people downloaded the wallet, how many unique purchases, how many views, etc. I still have no idea if we are 1 of 100 users or if there are thousands out there who are actively looking at items for sale. If I were a seller I would definitely want to know the current users and the projections before setting up to sell.


As a privacy coin (and marketplace), I’m not sure there’s really any way to know specifics… every purchase is private and cannot be traced to the buyer by any third party, so you simply can’t link different purchases to any specific entity.

Likewise, as the listing are on the blockchain, anyone can view any listing either directly within the gui or cli (it would look a bit weird) wallet, or via the various websites that already exist that allow viewing of products.

Imo, without a wide range of products already listed, you won’t get buyers turning up. So the sellers have to be there first, imo, at least during the early adoption phase.

But I think merchants understand this already. You don’t have a group of people standing on a street corner asking for a specific store to be opened… a merchant opens a store, and then word spreads of its existence, and the customers who want those products THEN turn up.


While you can’t see anything specific because it’s meant to be anonymous, you can still see that the network has traffic. And as such, how much. This is definitely doable.

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Well, there’s already this… SAFEX.NINJA - TWM Explorer - Statistics

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Well that helps, but looking at that data the usage is still somewhat low. Which is fine for now, but reality will begin knocking sooner rather than later. It’s my hope that a year from now we’ll see significantly higher usage than those charts show.


Well it’s been two years since I asked the question. How is the marketplace doing in terms of use?

We have an upcoming bull market. If the safex token doesn’t do anything this time around, I think it’s safe to say it’s officially dead, and we all wasted our money back in 2017.

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