How much will be gone?

I’m just curious about this. I doubt anyone knows the answer, but perhaps a rough estimate can be made. You know how they say that a lot of the original bitcoin is gone or lost forever? Well I wonder how much of the original Safex will be gone or lost forever, once the migration window is closed? In a year. I wonder if we’ll go down from over 2 billion total safex, to 1.5 billion? or 1 billion? Just curious I guess. We won’t know until the window closes. Something interesting to think about.


The . Migration process will be open until November 2019;

You can check by then :wink:


Also people were/are more educated now than they were in the early days of bitcoin when it was more of a play/experiment thing and it took 10 thousand coins to buy a pizza. Back then a lot of private keys/wallets were lost because the value was small and not much diligence was used in keeping them safe.

@bennylava its a different world now and i’d say not many compared to bitcoin will be lost. How many like me who have kept safe their ICO coins and convert them in the coming months