How safe is SAFEX wallet?

Greetings safex community. I am just wondering if the safex wallet can be hacked , i mean if someone never exposes his private key or password is there a possibility to see any coins being lost,stolen? (In my point of view the biggest threat are the people close to us {best friend,neighboor,family, husband,wife,gf,bf etc.} so the best idea is to keep your private keys and password outside your pc or cell phone and build your own crypto combination. )
What’s your thoughts ?

No, The wallet is just holding your private key, and doing all the “private” business on your computer. Only by knowing your password and obtaining the wallet file is it possible to “Recover” your coins.

You can keep you r cions on the PC just be sure to “log out” when the wallet is not in use. This way no one can actually ever get access even if they stole your PC; The second point is if they did steal your PC; you better have a back up.

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