How to best store my Safex

This may seem very novice and sometimes I have no idea what I got into:) I hold about 10K of SAFEX coin and from what I understand … if you hold SAFEX you will automatically get some Chille coins? Do I need to store my SAFEX in the SAFEX wallet to get these or will I automatically get them another way? Also, just wondering what is the benefit to holding my SAFEX in the SAFEX wallet? It seems like many of these alt coins have their own wallets … is it better to keep your currency in there?
Thank you in advance :))


Hi RNatt,

Read through the forum and do your research, all of these questions are answered in the forum and/or reddit. However to help you out, the indication is that SafeX holders will get Chille coins, however the amount/ratio hasn’t been specified and not something that’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks or months. The Chille blockchain is what the Devs are working on at the moment and it’s an exciting work in progress. Safex is a long term hold and will probably make people a lot of money down the track, however this isn’t a crypto thats going to go up 600% overnight (at least in the short term but who knows!) like other scam coins.

I would assume storing your safex in the wallet will eventually see chille coins deposited to safex wallet addresses (like Neo coins sitting in their wallet currently generate Neo Gas) but again, not something that has been specified as yet. The benefit of holding your safeX in the wallet is that it’s not on an exchange and is more secure from hackers or in some cases, exchanges going down and taking everyone’s money with them (Google Mt Gox and read up).

I’m guessing your new to crypto, so its definiately worth doing more research in future into things before you throw your money at it. Don’t take this in a bad way (safeX is a good one to throw money at), however some times people get excited and throw money at scam coins and lose everything. This forum has a lot of helpful and friendly people who are more than willing to assist and in general are a great supportive community. You will learn a lot from just reading the forum and getting accustomed to what SafeX is and will be.

Hope this helps bud.


Thank you very much @Platon! Sometimes when I’m on the forum I feel like the conversation
Is beyond me, great to have someone explain it from the beginning:)


yea right ecept u cant get them out of your wallet

we’re working on that :wink:

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Hi i just recently invested in Safex coins and send them to the safex wallet. All works fine, but why is the Bittrex wallet offline? It has been offline for a few days now…

i have one question do we have keep running safex wallet to get chilli coins in future ? or just holding it on wallet will be fine ? no matter wallet is running or not running ?

@divaker the newest safex wallet v0.7 -released soon will enable to get airdrop so what you have to do is to transfer your coins on that wallet version (compatibile with safex blockchain) and then you will get free safex cash. - If i understood your question correctly.


Chillie is old name and it is not used any more. Official name for second crypto is SAFEX CASH!