How to fully optimize

I have 2 rigs running currently. They are both identical except for the processors. I have a Ryzen 9 and 7. The 7 is running at less than half the rate. Was wondering if there was anything anyone has done to optimize their rigs to run. I honestly do not even think they are generating much heat either. Tried overclocking the 7 and little to no difference. I am using XMrig with the 7 and USB SFXOS with the other.

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What are the specific CPUs? The number of cores/threads and L3 cache will determine the mining ability of each rig.

FWIW, my R9 3900x (all 24 threads) runs at about 13.5kH/s and my R7 4800H laptop with only 8Mb of L3 only mines with 4 threads (L3 limited) at just over 3kh/s.

…and have you checked out these?