How to get Chille?

How to Get chiile?

i have 1m safex in Bittrex.

just hold in Bittrex?


You must download the wallet. Deposit your shares. They will air drop into wallet. Can’t wait for that to happen!

Go to this thread to get the latest version of the Safex wallet: Safex Wallet Update v0.0.3 November 1, 2017

Dan made a tutorial video for the wallet as well. It can be viewed here:

We most likely won’t see any Chille airdrops until Q2 of 2018 once the marketplace beta starts.

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I get confused. I have the wallet that I keep off line. I’ve generated a few different addresses in the safex wallet that I dump new purchases to whenever I buy more. The wallet never goes on line. I just verify that the coins make it to the public address on I think it’s called omni wallet. I don’t have it in front of me. Will I get the air drop or does it have to be online to get the chilles? Thanks.

How long did you wait for it to sync?

I tested with the first address I created and I don’t think it took more then an hour. Actually I think it was less then 15 minutes, but I’m not positive about that. The new addresses I’ve created I have never syncd. Do I need to sync to get the chili?

you created new addresses, transferred SAFEX in there, and it’s still empty?

Is the status button green or red?

You just need to have SAFEX in wallet during Q2 2018 to receive Chilli coins. We’ll get more info near the date.

My addresses have my coins in them, I just never view it from the safex wallet. I check the balances on omni wallet. It shows safex and bit coin amounts that are correct. I’m just confused I’d there is a reason that my wallet has to actually sync to get the chili or is it fine just being in the address created by the safex wallet.

You will need to take a specific action to obtain the “chille” coin. If you leave it in the current wallet and forget about it, you will not receive Chille and you will not receive dividends.

As long as you pay attention to the roadmap and check in occasionally, it will be hard to miss this. I anticipate we’ll have plenty of notice as we get closer.

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You already own the coin, the syncing part is just for the wallet to update it’s own local data to the correct state.

You don;t need to bring your coins online, I think @radskir you are describing that you keep your coins in offline cold storage on the wallet.

When the time for our Blockchain to launch, you will need to do an operation to acquire the new currency. Although all process will be thoroughly explained at that time.