How to get Safex coin out of bittrex Now


I came to know that Safex is delisted from bittrex a little late.I have safex coins in bittrex and now unable to tranfer them to Safex wallet. Are all my safex gone forever or is there a way to transfer them.
Please let me know if anything can be done now.

How many coins you have?
I will buy your Bittrex account for cheap and than use search on this forum and find out what to do with the coins. Deal?

Hi, I had the same problem but I kept checking the SAFEX wallet on bittrex. It was in maint for a long time but I was able to withdraw my coins just 30 min ago. I suggest you keep checking.

:astonished: it does get painful sometimes.

They will be gone if you don’t transfer them out. If you scroll down the main page not too far there are endless threads on the same thing.

I just managed to withdraw my funds from Bittrex. it´s out of maintenance for now. Hope it´ll last long enough for all of you to do the same!

I think you can get it if you do a wallet search. I got mine out in time to HODL!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

What is wrong with this transaction? Initiated it 10 days ago … and still it is unconfirmed.


Fee per byte 97.25 sat/B

Is there any way to increase the fee ? I sent 10 000 SAFEX coin with a transaction fee: Low.

No way to change it. You’ve just got to wait now. There are currently over 180,000 unconfirmed transactions on the BTC blockchain, most of them offering higher fees than your transaction. You may be waiting a while.

Just check it once a day, and until we are off of the BTC blockchain and on our own I would recommend using the fast option.

I just registered on this forum and coincidentally found out that Safex has been delisted from Bittrex. Even though I regularly log in on Bittrex, I never noticed it. So I logged in to transfer them but they were already gone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

How the hell can they do this without notifying the holders?? So I immediately wrote an email to their support to ask them about this. I had to find out at their support page that you can register there to ‘follow’ the delisting news. Or at least that’s what I think I did.

6510 coins gone! This is ridiculous!!! Anybody had the same experience?

I dont think they are gone. You have to search for safex in the search box in your balances, or something like that.

Yes, you’re right! I didn’t search for it because normally they are showing between my other coins, but I guess this Bittrex’s way to let you know you need to do something. But they are there and Bittrex support already answered my support ticket (about 8 hours later). So this also means Bittrex support is still great.

I sent them to my desktop wallet, which seems to take its time (half an hour ago), but I read more people are having issues with that so I will look into that. Thanks.

I keep getting an invalid transaction when I try to move my coins from bittrex. Am I too late.

Well… I sent all my coins at once to my desktop wallet (last week) and I never received them. Blockchain info did give me some kind of error. I haven’t contacted Bittrex support about it yet, but they may be lost… So be very careful!

It will be disappointing if people do loose their coins. Thats a poor effort from Bittrex behalf. If its the new updated wallet did you do press the archive button and then return your key back to the main page ?