How to get SAFEX into the hands of many...

I would love to see SAFEX & Chille coin being used by Chat rooms such as Gadu Gadu, ICQ and websites such as Gumtree & Kijiji, just to name a few. The wallet must evolve into a user friendly, interoperable wallet which allows users to buy & sale with greater easy, from fiat to crypto and back. I see great potential in the property rental. I think a stable, growing market will be found and we will see SAFEX & Chillie Coin take noticeable steps towards a less volitile Altcoin. The initial market needs to be Blockchain/Crypto savvy and the clear benefits of holding SAFEX need to be highlighted to everyone who even looks at SAFEX.


Really good points. SAFEX isn’t ready for prime time until Chille is in place - that will take time and it is roadmapped as a dialog between devs and community so it is going to take time and a more productive attitude from stakeholders. A slow burn is much better here - coins only get so many opportunities to make a major “look at me” bid for uptake and SAFEX will be much better positioned to do this as Chille is worked out and deployed and there is a demonstrable (as in front and centre demonstrable) proof of stake model to turn heads. This coin has serious long term potential and it’d be great to see the community devote more attention to that goal. How we can help with growing SAFEX rather than pumping it is probably the most important question we can ask ourselves right now.