How to get safex off paper wallet.. Omin does not seem to work.

what am i missing? paper wallet, into omni. no send option in omni wallet? huh. kinda scammy

create wallet
import private key
select send option
specify address to send to
specify amount
click send

Make sure you have some BTC at the same address as your safex because it is needed for the fees. 0.001 BTC is more than enough

tHx for the reply…
Is omni wallet not working? Why is this wallet seem so problematic?
I click on send but cannot enter any values in the space provided. …??
1015 SAFEX stuck onto paper wallet. I am trying to see the wallet send and recieve before I invest. but now im not going to invest… lol. I cant get away fast enough…
im still stuck on paper wallet. anyhelp appreciated…, i might have donate these on these coins on this forum…

You keep saying paper wallet. Did you import your private key after creating a wallet?

Saying paper wallet suggests you did not.