How to get the SEC

Hi, I’m Chen, I want to know how can I get my SEC。I was involved in the SEC’s IPO。My English is not very good, is to rely on translation software to chat with you, so can someone tell me how to get the SEC. With the SEC’s purse?Thank you very much。


The coins were sent to the address you sent your bitcoin from .

So which ever address you sent the IPO funds from, they would of been sent to that address , if you have the private key of that address you can go to and create a wallet, upload your private key for the address that has the coins on it . then you can send them and do as you wish

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Thank you, I’ll go and see

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My address 1234567890 SafeExchangeCoin (56) 97,562,764 Is this?Is this?Is this?


yeah that sounds like it is it


:grinning: Thank you, that I need to backup? I backup before

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if you have backed up before then i don’t think you would need to back up again. you could do just to be safe if you wanted but no real difference .

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ok。Do you know about maid related projects? Like the SEC

do you mean similar projects to SEC or projects maidsafe and SEC i am invested in both maidsafe and SEC , don’t know of any other currently on safenet

I mean projects connected with the maid。Just like ETH----augur ,I’m afraid of translation is not very good,like App

there is this one

But a point to clarify:

This project will be issuing coins but they will not be able to be sold on open market .

For me personally i don’t mind but it might upset some people if they buy into the project and then afterwards realize they are unable to sell the coins like some people like to do.

If any projects are posted it will most likely be posted here " " before anywhere else

Ok, I’ll understand thank you:grinning:

J.Have you understand now, what are the projects in the ipo, could you recommend a few

sorry didn’t see this message and woke up confused after an epic 21 hour sleep .

are you asking about this project specifically?

or other projects related to safe?

Ha ha It doesn’t matter, I think we have the jet lag, just want to ask you if there is any special projects about block chain is developing, I better attention in China, because I am Chinese, so I want to know the foreign project, but due to limited English, very hard to find, so I just try to ask you.Chinglish is very serious, not good understanding, :grinning:

hehe it’s ok , I know of a few projects related to blockchain , but not safe coin, only those 2 projects that have been mentioned previously , safex and safeapp store.

but blockchain tech - - this project has an IPO on the 22nd of this month - This project is an IPO , it is advertising some impressive technology, but beware , it isn’t certain how reliable it is, it might be a scam , there and good and bad signs so its hard to tell , i have personally invested in it , but not more than i can afford to lose - this is tau-chain , the coin itself doesn’t require coins but they will be making a economic coin to work in the system called agora, It can be bought on bittrex. this has a long waiting time thou before seeing any results , 4-6month minimum wait could be more

Thank you, I’ll to learn to understand.My network didn’t seem to support here, but I’ll think of some way to, thank you:grinning:

@Chain-chen, So much appreciate your support and trust. Glad that you are on the forum communicating with the group of which you are welcome to as your own.

I want to say that future ICO from other projects will be more, when SAFE Network is Live. Because right now fewer software engineers know how SAFE Network is operating, because of no one has yet taken the time to document SAFE Network until it is Live.

MaidSafe will release Documentation with MVP +: this will lead to more engineers making applications, and possibly more good quality ICOs

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And I’m glad to meet everybody here, learn together, although I always say my English is very poor, look very hard, but I’m very happy to be able to study related knowledge, understand the relevant information.