How to move Safex coin from omniwallet to bittrex?

I bought safex coins from, How can I move my coins to bittrex?

You simply search for SAFEX on Bittrex and click the add (+) button to show the Deposit address (copy and paste it into the send to address field). Hope that helps.

Sorry I an newbie, i got my safex coins in I don’t see any option to send those coins to any wallet. Can you please help.

Log into From there you can send from any address which you have either imported or generated.

I used my coinbase wallet bitcoin public address to buy safex coin. I dont have private key for my bitcoin address from coinbase. How can i import my safexcoins in omniwallet?

If you sent the SAFEX to a BTC address on Coinbase you would have to contact Coinbase. If you are unable to reach them and or they are unwilling to help then I have no further advice on that matter. If you decide to try this again you MUST only do these kinds of transactions ONLY with addresses to which YOU control the private keys. This can not be overly emphasized. If you can find someone to tutor you on the proper way to store your private keys it would be well worth your time and expense. Till then consider a hardware wallet like Trezor, Ledger or Keepkey. I wish you the best. I am not on this forum often so if you have any further questions do not feel I am ignoring you if I do not get back to you right away.

One more thing. Do all transactions with a small amount first. And consider all mistakes your tuition. In the end with perseverance you graduate to being a competent cryptonaut.

When you bought the safex where did you have it sent to? I know you said you bought it with the bitcoin from coinbase, but are you saying you also sent it back there? If you bought from the site, it tells you you can either use your own public key or generate a new set, and it gives you both a public and private key.

Having trouble getting my coins from to Omniwallet, can you please assist?

Thanks in Advance. :slight_smile:

Sorry I’ve never actually done it, I’ve only ever put coins in an address, only bc I don’t plan on touching them for a very long time. Basically I plan on letting these sit forever, in fact, I’m going to put the private key in my safe deposit box just so I don’t have access to it

good luck Im currently trying to actually see if these safex coins can even be removed from the omni wallet… They will deposit… But will not withdrwal.
I cannot seem to find a client that can remove and send these safex coins froma a paper wallet… omni can depost, but no send…? I think they may be stuck on your, our paper wallets… good thing I only put a few dollars as a test…
A real world look at this coin and wallet… its no wonder its still nothing and prob never will … no one in there right mind would put any real value in this unrecoverable paper wallet… granit i do know there is most likely something I am missing, I do feel my experiance would be similar to most of humanity, no one, i mean no one is going to use this… Best of luck all…
My advice, hey just buy some bitcoin this fancy non liquid mess is going to be traded against it anyway… same same… have fun…

You should get on slack

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Read the topic where you ask how

Wanted to move my safex from my omni wallet. Transaction has been unconfirmed for 3 hours. Anything I can do?

Has sometimes taken 20+ hours.

But if the fee sent with the safex is too low then it can stall for a very long time. Although the default fee set by is enough to get it through (eventually)

Thanks Rob. I would have paid more to get it through. I had just downloaded an OMNI wallet in anticipation of the new wallet. Wanted to get coins onto my ledger for now and was hoping to buy more Safex when it dipped. I have no idea how to up the fee. It’s annoying as all get out. Now 5 hours and counting.

Hands are completely tied now. Pisses a man off.

Paid this- 00104310 Not sure what these shylarks want from me! :slight_smile:

That should have been plenty to get it through quick enough. Maybe there is something to do with the increase to 2MB blocks on the BTC blockchain happening I think around the 8th aug. (Omni uses the BTC blockchain)

Do you know that your coins live at an address and not a wallet. The wallet only holds the private keys and does/signs the transactions. You can use the same address on a number of wallets concurrently. So no need to move coins from “wallet to wallet” to use a new wallet. Just import the private key into the new wallet and you’re ready to go.

Hey Rob,

Thanks again. Had them on omni explorer as per Daniel’s recommendation. I registered for an omni wallet and put in my private keys and public to import into the the wallet. That worked. Went to send coins to bittrex but didn’t have enough BTC. Sent BTC to omni but to another address. Finally sent a little to the correct address, did the send thing and six hours later it’s still unconfirmed.

And then bittrex needs like 8 confirmations, so it can take bittrex hours to finally release the coins to your account after the first confirmation.

you can enter the txid into to see the actual BTC transaction that the omni is riding on. Bittrex confirmations are slightly behind what it shows, but at least you get an idea of whats happening, not much help I know but at least a little more info for you to see while waiting.