How To Promote Cryptocurrencies in General

I was wondering what we can do to push this crypto agenda even further. We should promote cryptocurrencies in general, and therefore Safex, but how?

Here is my dilemma: should we go all political and say that crypto is going to take the power from the hands of the governments around the world and give it back to people, or should we just tell people that crypto is an easier way of transfering money?

Political stuff is powerful but it can also irritate people. The other way is convenient but I think it doesn’t make people advocate crypto with passion like the first one.

Should we print the Cypherpunk’s manifesto and hand it to the people on the street or is it better to just open wallets for them and show them how to use it.

What do you guys think?


Really good question @callmemax! :clap:

In my opinion it is better to show people how to use it, to help them solve real problems.
Common people will start to use cryptocurrencies when they realize it is superior solution then
fiat. For example, when you are transferring money outside your country, you need to pay
huge fees. Also, when you want to buy something from the Internet, you need to pay in dollars
or euros which means you need internet credit card or foreign currency account. This increases cost and prolongs transaction.

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Yes, those are all great points! Thanks @Power

If we are going to go that way, what is the best way to do it? We can’t go from one guy to another and show the power of crypto, it is too slow and difficult. We need to automate that process. Maybe a youtube channel with videos that show people how to use crypto, quick and easy, step by step.

First video: Why crypto? Next videos: This is how to open an account on an exchange, this is how to buy, this is how to mine, this is how to buy stuff with coins (Safex promo), etc.

What do you think about that?