How will the airdrop work?

I have placed my coins in the v5 wallet. I have read numerous threads concerning the burning of coins but need extra clarifying. For example, if I have already placed my coins into the wallet, will they be automatically burned when the airdrop occurs? Thus, effectively not needing to lock them in because they are already in the wallet before the airdrop? Also how will the safex cash be airdropped into the wallet?

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No you will need to perform the conversion from BTC blockchain to the SAFEX blockchain. At that time youw will convert your Safex Tokens and also gain your Safex Cash.

Thanks dan, will we need to keep the coins in the safex wallet to do the conversion, or can we send them to the newblockchain from the exchange wallet? Just wanting to do the least amount of transfers as its a bit costly atm. Cheers

can you give the link here again on how to perform that conversion? I have safex tokens in safex 0.0.5 wallet… now, what do I do?