Http:// is down?

Seems that the website is down?

anyone would know why?

wallet is not able to sync as well -,-

besides that, nice run today on cryptopia, +90/120 % ^^
history in the making :wink:

Have a great day and thanks in advance for your answers

This is just speculation but updating the website is quite high up on the dev teams to-do list. Let’s hope this is why it’s down :crossed_fingers:

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Check out @dandabek’s Tweet:

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For many months now the Safex team has claimed:

  • new website
  • new affiliate program
  • alpha chille block chain and/or marketplace

These all naturally mean disruption. Yet we still have had “what’s going on?” posts all over the place like the Safex team hasn’t let us know already for ages.

Cool your jets guys and give it a week or two… the wallet was late and quite frankly I don’t care if the rest of it is either. I’d rather the Safex team get it right than right on time.


I do not have twitter. I simply assumed that there would be a banner here in the forum.
For future reference i ll check twitter and avoid such post. Thanks @StrangeCharm t

As for the roadmap, being kicked out of Bitrex was not part of it, cryptopia wallet under maintenance neither. On top of that the website is down and the wallet does not sync. You can understand why one might be concerned.

Better right and latish and now and messed up. you are right about that :wink: @SonicPoet

have a good week end

Wallet is not synch, and show error. It is a normal maintenance ? I ahve sent out efw SAFEX coin from bittrex, it is authorized, but not transfered yet.