I downloaded the new wallet, but did not get prompts to save keys


Thanks…I’ll Google it

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Yeah, that doesn’t look familiar. I took some screen shots during the process, cause I didn’t know if I would have to refer back to some info. I reviewed my screen shots, and don’t see anything like that. Also, I might have simply missed it, although I believe I would have Saved it if so prompted.


If you allowed the v7 wallet to generate the address and keys, then you had to go through that screen. If you don’t remember, then :man_shrugging:


Yes, through the process of creating an address in the v7 wallet, it prompts you to save the .txt file with the relevant keys. In fact, it won’t proceed until the next stage until this file is saved.

I’d recommend creating a new (old) safex address, starting the migration process with that address, and seeing where it default saves this txt file. You’ll most likely find it in there.