I downloaded the new wallet, but did not get prompts to save keys

Hi everyone. Been away for a long time.

I went to the Safex sight and downloaded the new wallet, but did not get any prompts to save keys, or create password, or anything.

I’m not sure what I’m doing (or not doing). Should I delete it, and start over? I’ve got my original key for my old wallet on my computer, and want to migrate my coins over.

Help, please.


Go to Next migration run scheduled for 25th June 2019

Watch the videos and read the linked .pdf


Hi Aussie,

I did start reading the pdf, but was getting lost. (I think it said you made it?) I’ll watch the video.


Yeah mate. I wrote it.

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To keep it simple… install the v7 Migration wallet (old Blockchain) and import your old address.

Load up 250k sats of BTC onto the address in readiness to migrate.

Be very patient between each step during the migration process.

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Progress…I’m on step 3 of 4, setting the second half.

I tried to select the button, but it says I need to wait for the first half to be “confirmed”.

How will I know when the first half is confirmed? :slight_smile:

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To be absolutely sure, use the BTC block explorer against your Safex address.

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My public address, yes?

Yes. As explained in the .pdf

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Save your new keys !

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Ok, got through all four steps and the burn…thanks aussie!

I’ve written down my keys. Should I have gotten a mnemonic? I didn’t.


I hope you also saved the .txt file it generated, not just wrote them down :wink:

Allowing the v7 wallet to create your address, you will only get the private keys, not the mnemonics.

Once you install the v2 stand-alone, you will be able to get your mnemonics once you import via private keys by going to… Settings - Seeds & Keys

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I don’t recall a .txt file.

I took screen shots along the way, in case I needed to refer back to anything. I just reviewed them, and don’t see anything that indicates a txt file.

Why is that important? I thought the critical component was the private keys.


You would think so. Wouldn’t saving your keys in a .txt file elsewhere on your laptop open them up to being stolen ?

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If you allowed the v7 wallet to create your new Blockchain address, then it always presents you with a .txt file and a warning message regarding saving it. The .txt file contains your private keys, to be backed up as per your security protocols.

(If you already had a new Blockchain address, then you give it the requisite info.)

If you cancelled out of the .txt file save and don’t have a backup of your PKs, then you’ll be having to wait for the launch of the V8 Sails wallet to get access.


Save them to wherever you choose… USB, private NAS, printout. Whatever security YOU decide. The v7 wallet simply gives them to you in a .txt file so you have a copy to backup in your preferred method.


Thanks,i just feel more comfortable writing down what I need. And that’s a lot of writing

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Maybe look into a CryptoSteel or others. A very durable and secure method to save private keys and mnemonic seeds. Definitely better than a piece of paper!

Saving the txt file of a private key on a laptop is not the best option. If the laptop is stolen, your keys are gone, if your laptop is hacked your coins will be gone, if the hard drive of the laptop breaks down your keys are gone. If you store the keys online (laptop with internet connection, cloud service, etc) only store them in an encrypted way. If you store them offline (CryptoSteel, paperwallet, hardware wallet, USB stick etc) they don’t need to be encrypted but it would level up the security to do so.


There is a file, with the end of the filename “unsafex”, with two sets of keys…is that the text file being referred to?

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That sounds like a key backup for the old wallets/Blockchain.

Watch https://youtu.be/-GNlI1MpBfs

During the Restore from Keys explanation @Rich.bate goes through the screens of the v7 wallet during the relevant part where you are prompted to save the .txt file. The default file name is quite long.