Next migration run scheduled for 25th June 2019

The next scheduled migration run is on the 25th of June, 2019.

If you haven’t done so already, we recommend you set time aside to perform the migration so that you can continue on the new dedicated Safex blockchain.

The process is relatively straight forward if you give yourself enough time and read the instructions given. @aussiesloth has put together a useful document which highlights some of the common questions, as well as what to do: Link [PDF]

We also have a helpful video guide to show you the process of migrating:

Once you’ve migrated you can also import your new Safex keys into one of the new Safex Blockchain wallets:

For further support please raise your questions in the Support Channel.


i have already migrated all coin into token in version 7 wallet.

anyway can leave all safex token in version 7 wallet.but to me version 7 wallet looks like migrating coin wallet.

i have already completed migration process.i want to store my safex token in proper safex wallet like old safe exchange coin was stored.there no any send and receive button in safex v.00.7 wallet.

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Please follow this guide to import your Safex into the new Safex Blockchain Wallet:

You can download the wallet file here: (Orbiter V2 Wallet).

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so orbiter wallet is wallet to store safex token and safex cash.


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can i try sending some safex token to coindeal.just to try.


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thank you very much for all these kind information.

I’m a little confused about the wording of the thread title. It says “next migration run” as though this needed to be done on some kind of a schedule. I just downloaded the wallet, and did the migration using a different youtube video than the one in this thread. Was there some form of a schedule that needed to be followed? Or can we just download the wallet at any time, and then perform the migration?

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You can perform the migration at any time you wish. That is fine.

But a script is needed to bridge the gap between the old blockchain and the new blockchain to let your new address know how many SFT/SFX to be airdropped to it.

This script is run periodically every few weeks.

We announce it as some people like to time the burn of their old Safex, and when they receive it on the new blockchain to minimise the time they might not have access to funds.


Hi, when will the next migration be scheduled? I just burned some thousand SAFEX this week and would like to know when I can see my new SFT/SFX in the wallet.

Tomorrow night, Serbian timezone.

And you realise you need the Orbiter wallet for your new coins, right?

More info in

Yep, downloaded the one from the webside. Already tried the wallet with my keys - but as expected it showed no balance. Therefore I asked for the schedule of the next migration …
Hope I will see my balance next week then …

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Have a look at

You should see the Transactions and don’t worry about the Unable to decode output address