I need a strong argument against this being a shitcoin

I showed this currency to my trader friend who is a large whale / market influencer and he says I should get out of this market immediately, that everything about it looks like a quick money grab. Who can provide irrefutable evidence that this project is truly worth investing into? What is it trying to do that other platforms haven’t already accomplished?

Honestly in this case I would suggest you don’t buy any significant amount. You will always have in your mind that advice and since this project is still in the early stages of development then you will be wondering for quite a while

The best way to be convinced of anything is to read topics on the technical side and ignore all the hype and fud that is rampant at the moment

No one really can give you proof, you have to weigh up the pros and cons and decide for yourself.

I’ve been here from the start and still here now. Maybe that means something and maybe it doesn’t.

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This will have to do for now. If you’re not not satisfied, sell & come back at a later date, but don’t be surprised if the merchant ship is way out at sea by then. You’ve been warned.


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A money grab? are you serious?

If it was a money grab the ICO would have been much more than just $50k.

We had some organic momentum going into December, but the pump groups and the Bittrex news was just unfortunate.

Timing couldn’t have been worse, the dump was followed immediate by the delisting.

We should keep pump groups out of this, as they paint a poor picture for the coin.


I challenged one of them during the last pump, but he claimed to be real sincere and not a pumper. These people/groups join the forum as if they are sincere but either speak hype or fud. And even when they are spotted, not enough people recognise them and there is little that can be done without looking like an arsehole (my/your)self for appearing to be unfairly attacking them.