I think I know the reason why it's called "Chile"

Galt’s Gultch in Ayn Rand’s writing was about a group of individuals that formed their own community to declare independence from corrupt institutions.

In 2013 there was a libertarian-fashioned community being planned in Chile called “Galt’s Gulch Chile" by John Cobin, Jeff Berwick, Ken Johnson, and Josh Kirley (at least according to rational wiki which is somewhat refutable). The location for the community was advertised as being 11,000 acres across within the beautiful Chile valleys. Unfortunately due to the nefarious and fraudulent actions of the founders - the idea lost it’s authenticity and became travesty among the growing community and lost it’s value almost successively.

I assume that the Chile blockchain represents the proposed fruition of what the Galt’s Gultch community was meant to be - a utopian ideal of indepence. Capitalism controlled by sole individuals rather than corporate entities.