I want a safex shirt

I wana safex shirt. I would wear it proudly. @dandabek


Me too Nelson me too. Too the moon

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Dan has advised that there will be a shirt giveaway in the next week or two… looking forward to it


Oh yeah unreal large for me please

Xl for me. Before Xmas would be perfect.

Something little extra from santa this year . And shares to go to 10c @Dingo_Dan

I’d love one also to promote in Australia.


Well i hope we get one. Imagine getting the number plate SAFEX pitty I dont have $4000 . Maybe one day we can buy it with safex coins

I’d even be happy with a sticker

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What about we tattoo your forehead Nelson. We’d great world wide publicity for that. Stream it on you-tube. Money cant buy that. Lol


I would want 2 shirts for that dingo

Ha ha. Maybe the number plate too lol

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Maybe a Pac man themed shirt. Pac man can be safex, the ghosts bit coin and the dots a dollar symbol. Safex after the ghosts (bit con) while gobbling up all that money on the way.


Any trustworthy places to buy Safex T-shirt?

No idea mate.

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I was actually thinking I want a shirt for a while ever since I saw dans

On a side note, being new here i would swear this was an aussie coin ? So many aussies on this forum.


Hopefully if Safex takes off we will be able to easily find them on the web.


Yeah mate heaps of aussies. I’m in brisbane

Maybe we could get a shirt company to make them. Maybe someone on here has someone they know. We could pay via a share price just an idea. Could be the first of the start of the transactions

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