Idea: Account/Listing turns inactive after some time

Hello community,

Just like some people forget/lose their crypto keys, I assume that also some vendor accounts may be abandoned within time. Following idea came into my mind, how to avoid the accumulation of too many inactive sellers/listing(s) after some time:

Either an account or its separate listings have an active time for a specific number of blocks. After an account/listing has turned inactive, a purchase transaction of said listings is not accepted on the chain anymore.

Account/Listing turns active (for the the specific number of blocks) again, if:
Account is edited
Any listing is edited
Keep active function for account is used
(Keep active function for listing is used)

After the account/listings are activated again, purchase transactions for these listings are accepted on chain again. The user will see the remaining active time of his account estimated in days in his TWM (estimation based on blocktime of current fork and keep active block amount in the code).

In the search bar of TWM you could then weed out inactive sellers/listings with a filter. Every account/listing will show info about active status.

What does community think?

I made some pic for fun in a phone app, don’t mind the quality.

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I think it unnecessary to keep an account active through transaction. It is enough IMO that we display the last active time of a user, or when a listing was last updated or purchased to show how inactive something became.

For one, I didnt use my amazon account for 4 years… and its still there.

That’s my perspective on the matter.


If only we could filter that with timeframe when displaying offers. That would do just fine.


that’s alright then, too. I was not suggesting any account data should vanish, just something like an automatic protection for buyers to not buy into “dead” accounts/listings. If the activity is shown, fine.

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Maybe in addition provide in the search for item a default to a certain age, user configurable default. And the search in addition could give a count of older hits.

Because I can image that over time there will be a number of sellers who put an item up for sale but never remove the item if it does not sell or they sold it outside of safeexchange. These entries would make it difficult for buyers if they have no way to exclude older entries


Depending on what kind of filters are technically possible to implement, it would also be interesting to have a filter for accounts with >x total different listings or >x different listings with less than a specific age.


But you’re a costumer not a seller on Amazon, I understood it the way that sellers have to confirm from time to time that they are still active and not ghost listings which makes sense for me too. Shouldn’t be a big deal for a seller to confirm once a month since yoi expect him to check daily for orders anyhow.

Accounts without active listings shouldn’t need it cause it matters ti Noone if they are active or not. Dead listings all over the marketplace makes it less fun to search for real products.

Isn’t easy usage and comfort while shopping one of the most important things for masd adoption.