Idea for Marketplace

Hey guys,

For the market place is it possible to add the option to accept in BTC / ETH and other popular currencies?

When this happens, there will be conversion into SFX via the current market price at xcalibra to make the purchase?

if we can do this it can help generate more adoption as it is “easier” for the user to adopt

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I disagree here, because we made SFX because it is better money than either btc or eth or any other currency I know of today.

Since SFX is a part of the safex blockchain the security in privacy is maintained and so if we started to incorporate eth or btc it will then have to be centralized.

So further: if you made a website that let you pay in btc/eth and on the background convert to sfx and buy the product, I don’t thoroughly believe in that system but if clever enough someone can market such a product and probably make a profit in being a middleman.

However, I don’t see the issue if people simply converted their btc and eth to sfx and just use the marketplace and storing sfx as part of their crypto holdings being the best option.


hey dan. thanks for the explanation and understood from your angle. Was just thinking of an easier way for the users if possible. as convenience will help with adoption.

will share anymore ideas if i have any…

best if we can make something one click for them


In my opinion, a key fact for mainstream adoption is a fiat money <-> SFX gateway as direct and easy as possible. Cryptocurrency exchange listings of SFX and SFT are good for marketing, reputation, investors and buyers/sellers of the marketplace who already have a good knowledge of crypto. If the non-crypto mainstream wants to purchase goods and services, he has to buy BTC, send BTC to exchange, buy SFX ,withdraw SFX to wallet, make a purchase - the other way round if he has too much SFX and wants to have fiat money again. A direct OTC (over the counter) purchase of SFX with EUR/USD/GBP - you name it - via a website will help getting users on the platform. I guess 99% of trading volume on crypto exchanges is made up by investors/speculators, maybe 1% because someone actually wants to buy something with crypto.


you are absolutely right , i think hashbringer will do great job in that area buying instant sfx,sft with fiat but it’s gonna take some years to adopt. Xcalibra must add buying SFT ,SFX with fiat pairs EUR/USD/GBP as they do with sft/rsd and sfx/rsd. It’s gonna be amazing for newcomers , now it’s too complicated for them to transfers and convert again and again (paying fees,waste time,wait for withdraws,anxiety,price changes) . If xcalibra or any platform /exchange add those pairs safex MP will be crowded. Then YUAN/SFT, YUAN/SFX and YEN/SFT YEN/SFX. TWM !!!

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