Idea for Mobile Wallet Expanded Functionality: Hashbringer ATM map in Safex Mobile Wallet

@dandabek have you considered adding a page in the mobile wallet where people can bring up a google map to find their nearest Hashbringer ATM?

It would make it convenient if you wanted an ATM to simply have it built in to the app… each time an ATM gets installed, it’s geolocation is added to the map overlay.

This could also be expanded to include businesses that accept SFX for payment.


Having a (google) map of deployed and functional ATMs should be certainly a priority.


That;'s a great idea: we discussed inside, yet for sure 100% necessary.


Generally a good idea, but we should definitely use openstreetmaps instead of google maps, a lot of crypto useres are concerned about their privacy and don’t want google to know when and where they buy their crypto


i dont see the problem honestly, why an atm on google map would take privacy away from you ???

Because google is tracking whenever you use their services. Of course they can be and should be availible on google maps aswell, but if you integrate services within the app and their are alternatives that are open source and not tracking your data, that we should use them…

Some people have no problem in using android and windows as their main drivers even though they are tracking all our usage, others have more privacy concern, I think we should always go the most private way possible, even when some people don’t care about their data being collected by google, microsoft &co