If the tokens of Safex on TradeSatoshi, then how to get Safex cash?

Hello team Safex!
We are here at TradeSatoshi (well, those who ran from Bittrex in December.) I would like to know in more detail how to get SafexСash.
Necessarily through a purse?
So this is loss - the commission for the transfer.
What exchanges will be followed by SafexСash?
We really love the project Saffex.
In advance of everyone who explains in more detail - thank you!

please read the following articles that have been mentioned here before, if you have any questions after that please let it know


in short, keep your safex in the safexwallet and when the time comes to swap your safex to the new safex and get safex cash you will be informed and instructed how to do it. your not gonna get safexcash while leaving you current safex on the exchange

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All is clear, thank you!