Incentive calculator

Am i wrong or the Safex calculator is not working ? I know it’s based on 100.000 safex token holdings but when i try to change the Projected Marketplace Volume or Market Cap or my Safex Held it 's not working moreover the smaller you make the market cap the bigger Annual return you get …Also the current Annual Return on Investment % for 100,000 tokens is 44 meaimg that for 1 i earn 1,44 …???

I know that the team is working in some serious stuff right now but i hope to fix the calculator issue when they have the time. Thanks

Yes i also had my doubts as it was not clear to me. I recommend somebody should check this.

Yeah the calculator on the website is not working. A member of the community made an OpenAsApp calculator, its quite good:


Just to NOT start another ‘Wallet’ topic, I’ll ask here:

Would it be possible to lock in Safex tokens in wallet A and receive Safex cash coin dividends/ incentives in Wallet B?

Update: @dandabek @Rich.bate??
Update: Reminder (26/05/2018)


Nice app. Good job.

Wow, thanks for telling us. Let me check it.:grinning: