Info on fees

Hi Community,

So, I know the fee for withdrawal from Cryptopia is 1500 Safex.
On Tradesatoshi it is 350 Safex.

If I store in the Safex Wallet, but decide to transfer out again - what is the current fee?

Thanks in advance.

Check your wallet, you can choose from 3 withdrawal options

Thank you,
I don’t have a wallet yet. Would like to know in advance :slight_smile:

Those fees are highway robbery.

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So you would rather wait here for answer for hours instead of downloading the wallet for couple of minutes and see for yourself…

Si Hombre,
Maybe someone else would like the info too. Maybe I have reasons, like not having the right computer for the wallet yet…
I like to be informed.

Great, thats good idea, hombre. Just wait and somebody will inform you.

Bitch …

Don’t talk to your father like that, culero.

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i am still waiting the real rip off were the charges of 1500 safes. if they turn up in my wallet .i will not use cryptopia again.good luck i hope they turn up

I had to pay .0026btc to transfer my safe to Trade satoshi sold them all for .072 cents and was very happy to get out at that price…I doubt you will ever see it again…but I hope for all the hodlers of big Bunches of coins I’m wrong…and TS only charged .2% cheaper than Bittrex

Another one bites the dust… lol

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Yeah those fees are ridiculous.I wont be holding long if those fees dont drop

The people advocating these ridiculous fees blame it on the bitcoin blockchain!
Personally I have never paid 50-75$ in transfer fees transferring bitcoin.
Cryptopia should put a fair fee. 1500 Safex… Christ.

Who can help me with safex wallet, i ordered btc and they are still not in my wallet. Do i also have to fill in a fee to receive coins in my safex wallet.

Whats your transaction number? You can check its status in the bitcoin block explorer… it could take a few days.

You can check its status here
And if its stuck due to low fees you can try submitting the transaction into a bitcoin trabsaction accelerator

I have bc stuck, trying to get into Safex wallet. What is an accelerator? My bc has been pending for almost two weeks. Thanks.

Hi Nate … if a bitcoin transaction has a low fee than theres not enough incentive for a miner to approve the transaction if there are a lot of transactions which will pay them higher fees. A transaction accelerator is basically just paying a miner to confirm your transaction. Theres a few services online i can send u some links when i get home. Theres also free services which i think just push it forward in the cue or something im not quite sure…

That will be handy, thanks.

When I first set up the wallet, I did a test send of a few dollars. There was speed selection, and I chose Fast.

After the successful movement of bc into the wallet, I tried a larger amount, but selected the Slow speed…lesson learned.