Interview with Daniel Dabek, in English

Finally, someone has translated Dan’s interview into English for all non-Serbian speakers. Read it here:

Great answers :muscle:


Seriously, awesome answer.


very nice interview. I like the most “Safex is designed to be used in commerce, and not for speculators. This means stable price and usefulness” Nothing more nothing less


He inspire people, he is different from others. The way he talks the way he explain :sunglasses: In whole his videos he is explaining that #safex isnt only for programers and the people from it sphere ! It is for all, and anybody can buy it!

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Really good interview. I like this idea about real market. Cryptocurrency will be adopted when common people start to use it.

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@dandabek explains a few reasons to promote SAFEX! In this case its not late in any case to start with safex!:woman_technologist: :trophy:

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Me too, cant wait to buy real products on marketplace! :grin::grin:

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