Interview with Daniel Dabek on about Safe Exchange Coin

An A-Z interview about Safe Exchange Coin, our value proposition and I try to paint the full color of our organization and space. Chester I think did a great job bringing out the story and guiding the discussion.


listening now :slight_smile: , Chille is fascinating!


Yeah, very nice. I was intrigued by what he said about a private blockchain. I can’t imagine a private/closed AND descentralized blockchain.

Maybe in things like Lisk (owners of each sidechain) or Chille (SEC holders) . Bitcoin gives me an idea of “public”, but it isn’t actually…

Other thing, about the 10% fee for programmers. He commented about hiring an economist, maybe he could help in this 10% number, optimising it. I’m very curious about the line of his thinking. He will be walking in a very new ambient.

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Would it be possible to convert/transfer SEC from Bitcoin Blockchain to Chille Blockchain?

Right now the Omni protocol charges “additional” fees on top of Bitcoin’s fee. This is Double dipping.

It would be nice to eliminate the omni protocol fee via SAFE EXCHANGE.

I remember we had a video chat about alt coin conversions, allowing a cheaper way to trade different crypto currencies.


Just about this. Is it not a percentage of the small fees.

10% fee for developers (PLUS fee for miners plus fee for SEC holders) is HUGE and unlikely to be accepted by people using the system

When I read the documents I see a small fee, not a 10% fee, and each group (miners, SEC holders, developers, etc) gets a percentage of that small fee


I see the point, though this is going into “altcoins” into the blockchain, I will research this but it has not been a primary objective, to reduce amount of requirements; However, I have on a number of occasions and so far been asked about it. So I think we should read the signs and take the time.

There is only 1 fee: Network Fee, 10% of that fee will split off and go to the developer, We will earn because people use the Safe Exchange Software to trade on Chille. Safe Exchange Software will be used because it is first on the market, it will keep up with customer demand, and be heavily promoted.


Yea, that how I understood it. Thanks for the confirmation. I was a little concerned when @uqaz said that the fee was 10%


Poorly written, sorry man.

By the way, it seems that dally is the new minister of commerce of Liberland!


Regarding “altcoins,” everyone likes their own coin, kinda like your favorite sports team.

However, the demand for trading coins is obvious. Look at the crypto coin exchanges that exists today. Bitcoin is gaining popularity right now, which brings attention to everyone else. I believe there will be more exchanges in the future as long as blockchains remain isolated from each other.

Omni protocol tapped into “altcoin creation” demand. And they did it on the back of Bitcoin’s existing Blockchain.

If we can’t convert existing altcoins… I’m suggesting at the very least… give people “altcoin creation ability” on the Chille Network.

I hope this makes sense, because more startups want to create their own altcoin, why not let them do it cheaper on the Chille Blockchain? The market demand is already there, the tech is already there.

Anyway, I don’t don’t want to distract from the current roadmap. Please consider during Chille development.


@dyamanaka indeed omni protocol transaction fees are nearly 1$ per transaction, something to consider.