Interview with Safex CEO - Cryptovator 15th December 2017 - Great explanation about Chille, Direction of Safex etc

Didn’t see this video linked on site. In case you missed it.


Thanks for posting this.


Thanks for posting champ

Thanks for posting.

Thanks for posting. As a new member I’ve found it very instructive and interesting.

:blush: yeah its a great vid and answers plenty of questions that was asked many times over. Dans answers are honest and if his work with Dash coin is precise then you can only imagine where Safex is heading.

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It’s Dascoin not Dash

was it Dash that they were talking about or Gas?

Dascoin… He developed that blockchain

cool, thats for the quick response

Dash Coin unless i got the wrong one.

It’s this,

NOT Dash

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My apologies.

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I thought the same, clarity is always good.