Investing big...Safex > Chille coins?

New to Safex as of @ 2 weeks ago. I have started my position with just over 3.5 million coins (and am looking to get the total to @ 10 million coins. I understand that we Safex coin holders will get initial Chille coins, but I want to find out if Chille coins will be available to individuals who don’t have Safex coins? Are both of these coins going to be on exchanges together, and if so, will one have a greater chance of increasing in value percentage wise than the other?


Dan has revealed that there will be a total of 21 million Chille coins on offer. My guess is that through supply and demand the Chille coins will increase in value at a rate that surpasses that of SAFEX coins, eventually.

In the near term, I anticipate that SAFEX coins will rise as the Chille Block Chain approaches launch.

I do not anticipate an ICO for the Chille Coins so these will become available to non-SAFEX hodlers once the market is up and running.

More clarity will likely be revealed when the next white paper emerges.

Hope this helps. And welcome aboard!

Hmm…this is going to be a tough choice. On one hand, I would like to purchase another 5 million Safex coins, but if I do that it will deplete me of most future funds. On the other hand, getting low cost Chille coins is also attractive. I guess that the best investment would depend on how many Chille coins would be distributed initially to Safex holders and how many Chille coins can be acquired by holding Safex long term.

Imo … Safex coin will be always worth more than chille … never underestimate the power of having voting rights , I think some of the bigger investors will see this as far more superior than a currency.


exactly Pachiko. This is going to be a society. A community. and the voting rights will be a big determinant of the direction. the SAFEX community has already impressed me so much so far.

good things are coming, good things…


ATM it is very beneficial to accumulate Safex.

  1. You will receive x amount from the air drop
  2. Safex will see substantial price growth before Chille coins do. Theoretically Chille coins will get their true value due to their demand and scarcity. Eventually the number of people seeking to buy on the market will reflect the price, therefore; traffic on the chain is needed before we see a true value, until then we will only have a speculative undervalued price.
  3. At some stage Safex and Chille will see growth simultaneously , both being proportional to that of the market listings market cap. So Safex will see more overall growth at any point in time.
  4. The only way to get Chille coins early it to either
    a). Airdrop on chain release
    b). Mine Chille coins
    c). Buy Chille coins from miners
    d). Earn Chille from dividends

From here you can speculate if you believe the chain will have early substantial growth or you can expect growth to be slow. Either way, your speculation lets you determine if there will be enough time to generate coins to fulfill the demand.


One other way and most important is to offer you goods or services for sale on the marketplace. This will be the most desirable way to acquire Chille coins from the perspective of someone new to cryptos who for one reason or another could not invest.

When the marketplace is complete, the most forward facing element will be the marketplace more so than safex coin dividends.

So more people will engage with the marketplace. Some strategies suggest converting all Chille dividends early on into Safex coins.

And the most advantageous thing in my point of view is to have chille coins to buy goods and services on the marketplace once it is launched.

It will be a very dynamic situation, and I think that getting Safex later on will become much more difficult since you do not need to operate anything to earn the dividends. And many people will have complacently locked up their Safex to earn the passive income of Chille.


Yes how did I not list that…
Probably the most effective way to gather larger quantities of Chille Coins!

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One more thing I’m more concerned from long time.
Will Chille Coin transaction need DPoS?

If this is clarified, and if it’s DPoS like RISE, then more people might invest in SafeX, as this would give them the opportunity to run delegate node and earn more passive income, along with dividend.

I see that many top level delegates in RISE operate all by themselves(I mean by voting for themselves, as they have enough RISE balance in their wallet). Their own single vote will make them into 101 delegate position, which helps them earn transaction fee.

I think I over complicated my question.

How will Chille Coin transactions be handled?

I think they will talk about that in the whitepaper that’s on the way… Not sure tho.

Maybe a waaaay out of topic question but will bartering be possible aswell in this scenario?

I’m just a noob, but i can’t see why.

Let’s say we have negociating pairs of APPLE:CHILE, ORANGE:CHILLE. I fail to see why not a buy/sell book order from the first pair wouldn’t “invade” the latter. Off course, apples and oranges should be divisable.

Unless we are talking of goods without relations between a common denominator (CHILLE or other crypto)… in this case a direct contact between seller and buyer should be provided (by Safex?).

@cocainelion @dandabek

Point 2:
I partially agree with you on this point. Although the outcome is the same, I have different view on this part. Chille doesn’t require SAFEX as long as the Chille coin is mineable. A person could very well hold 100k Chille coins without having SAFEX coins. SAFEX will benefit from the (increasing) value of the Chille coin, but SAFEX doesn’t necessarily requires to gain value in order for Chille coin to gain value.

Chille coin will be the currency in which goods and services are traded. A person doesn’t necessarily needs SAFEX coins to perform any transaction within the Chille blockchain. This will remain like this as long as the Chille coin is mineable. I picked the following theory up on Facebook ( and I think the person who wrote that might be quite right in his future outlook:

Blockquote So even if SAFEX remains at Zero USD, it wouldn’t matter. As long as the marketplace offer services or products in Chilli coin, who cares where the SAFEX stands? SAFEX will turn into some sort of commodity as soon as the Chilli coins are gaining momentum. For this to happen, the Chilli blockchain, the marketplace (and exchange) need to be up and running
One day, some person will offer a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo 2005 model (someone on the SAFEX forum wants one, I read earlier) on the marketplace and will ask 250,000 chilli coins for this. That is the moment real value is starting to form for the Chilli coin. Then obviously the holders of the SAFEX coins will receive their dividends and the beginning is made (although I think it will start with something less fancy, maybe a red paperclip).
Can you imagine the value of SAFEX coin if the Chilli coin reaches $10 and because of the dividends you receive 20 Chilli coins per day? Priceless obviously! I foresee a lively trade in wallet data files as well.

Although the person might not elaborate in full detail about the value SAFEX vs Chille, but this does make sense. I can only imagine the value of the Chille coin vs SAFEX coin when a substantial amount of Chille coins has been mined and mining becomes more and more of an effort. When mining efforts surpass the ‘difficulty threshold vs dividends’, SAFEX will skyrocket.


Love seeing these kind of thoughts… You never come up with them but when you read them you think " dang, that make a lot of sense " … Keep em coming!


So more people will engage with the marketplace. Some strategies suggest converting all Chille dividends early on into Safex coins.

The dividend incentive decreases as market cap increases:

20 Million -> ~100%
200 Million -> ~10%
600 Million -> ~3.3%

When Chili comes out, I’m curious to see what dividend rate we’ll be getting. If dividend were not a factor, do you guys thinking holding Chili coin would yield greater return?

(I’m asking that hypothetical because the SAFEX dividend return may be lower when Chili comes out)

Wow, this is so wrong. 100% of the profit gets distributed to safex holders regardless of the market cap

Yes I know 10% of total fees earned. I’m talking specifically about the dividend % return on the dollar.

We’re getting such good dividend (about 100% annually) at this stage because SAFEX is cheaper. But once prices goes up, the same dollar amount can purchase less SAFEX (leading to a lower dividend return).

It’s 100% of total fees earned.
Yes but that’s why we invested now. The dividend % return means nothing to those who have already invested. All that matters is total trade volume.

I have 800,000 and still buying a little at a time this is a great time to buy:slight_smile:

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dan posted a new tweet and mentioned pow.
also how will we recieve chilli coins? by pos or pow? or just by holding it to our wallet?