iPhone 7/8 Case Giveaway

Hey team,

Just to kick things off with some safex merch I thought to post up this extra iPhone 7/8 case as a giveaway. Retweet the post, like it and make follow @dandabek on twitter to be eligible to win.

These are coming up ahead of the marketplace launch, and I thought it would be fun to put one out there through this way :smiley:

In the future we’ll bring some on the market, we have so far six designs to offer. This is going to be a lot of fun. Only Safex Cash accepted!


Awesome Dan.

Will you consider other makes/models in the future?

Would be cool if the prize is signed.


For sure, we got some prototypes for my phones, just to check them out, and so I thought why not get it out to the community. We should get a batch soon and available for sfx on a quick webshop Ive whipped together.


3 winners chosen