Is an auction also possible with SAFEx?

Something like this:


@19eddyjohn75 I’m sure this is possible to make. please keep these ideas coming this is a great place to reference them.

Almost at the editor.


Maybe it’s not the right place for this question, but…

Can Safex burn safecoin? I mean, is it possible to have auction of internet spaces thru Safex?

Example: I want 20GB for my photos. I want to upload them to internet…how would i do it? First, buy safecoins that match 20GB…then, what?

Is this another App or it would be in Safex?

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I’m sure this could be possible to go through safex if there was some feature needed, however,

to store data to the safenetwork you would just use your safecoin with the api to the network file system, and the api will consume the proper amount of safecoin. MaidSafe with its distribution of the safe network core will provide such an api for spending safecoin on data storage.

Of course the safex clients will also use that api to store contracts at the ready. In other words, you will have a safecoin wallet in your safex client for use when 'put’ing data such as anything, especially contracts through the client.

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