Is Chillicoin going to have an ICO..?

Hey Dan,
Just a thought mate, but are you considering having an ICO for Chilli coin to help get funds to complete the platform and raise some marketing funds to launch the best quality you can?

It would make sense, as you were way ahead of the curb with your Safex ICO, if you were to do the same now you would raise 5 million in a week instead of $50k!!!

As Safex coin holders benefit from the success of the Chilli platform it shouldn’t upset any Safex holders, in fact, I personally would love it as I know you would raise a decent amount of money to make your vision happen so much sooner. Maybe you could also offer some special bonus to Safex holders to also get Chilli coins (prior to an ICO launch) thus ensuring everyone who’s holding today would feel a benefit and support the idea.

Just my thoughts, how does everyone else feel about the idea?

I think Dan and the team are working non-stop and you guys deserve to get access to funds to deliver the best platform possible, there are so many dodgy coins out there raising millions and are total scams…Chilli coin deserves to have an ICO and will deliver great results to all its supporters!!

I for one would support it 100%…how does everyone else feel?


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@sfx88 I am adverse to diluting the money supply through an ico. I basically don’t see what we can offer that would not dilute our ecosystem and give value to buyers, you see?

I’ve earned my own money and fund safex development through that, we have a monthly burn rate of ~15k euro which I have full allocation for 12-18 months.

Sooner we put the platform together sooner we can tap into the airdrop and dividends. It’s my take.


Yeah you’re the expert man, happy with whatever you chose Dan, was just wondering if it would help you raise the funds to build everything bigger and better, but I’m a noob to this, happy to be a part of the movement :wink:

interesting thought process. While, yes, right now the ICO scam/craze has diverted a lot of investor trust and $ away from cryptos, in the right hands - a lot of good could be accomplished.

But it seems that Dan’s principles are to do this as organically as possible, and not have any false funds or faux-value be pre-emptively injected into SAFEX. Respectable imo.

is there anything specific that you think the ICO funds could go towards, which would undoubtedly have a long-term, positive impact on the platform and community?

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i agree with Dan’s vision and organic growth is good for the longrun for sure. l didn’t have anything in particular in mind for the funds (as i’m not across current operational costs etc), was more just thinking of it as a way of injecting funds for a bigger team, more devs, bigger marketing campaign, increased budget to approach companies trading products across the marketplace, bounties for community support, preferred charity support etc…already having the operating base of Safex coins it would be an easy money raise compared to a large majority of ICO’s who just have a whitepaper…and a dream.

i’m no expert though, so like i said, was really just thinking out loud, i believe in this project and will be a big supporter for years to come!



I appreciate the conversation, started with a sincere inquiry around how to support the project, and strong feedback from the follow on. Thank you everyone!

The ICO is a difficult scenario given the challenges that face the crypto-market in general - the ICO Ban in China, Jamie Dimon’s comments, and JP Morgan purchasing a large batch of BTC several days later on the dip.

The more I hear about organic growth and development, the more it resonates. SAFEX has so much going for it as a slow and steady tortoise. No need to jump out into a marketplace and get hyped into a position where commenters are needlessly loading the Forum with complaints.

Continue with the Great Work, Dan & Team, and we will keep supporting this project with our thoughts and commentary.