Is there any hardware wallets capable of storing Safex?

Question is in the title, Safex is the only coin I’m holding and not buying for the intention of trading atm, so I want to store them as securely as possible, is there any hardware wallets that support this?

Not at this time. It is an omni-protocol token at the moment and no hardware wallet can currently store them.

That’s a pity, hopefully there will be one available one the market is live

Safex will be on a different block chain then so hopefully.

Still to earn “dividends” you need your safex keys in the safex wallet so your holdings can be verified at the times of dividend disbursement

yes I know butt he wallet doesn’t seem to secure to me, since all it requires is a password to access it

You are right but the majority of BTC keys are not held in hardware wallets and sensible security seems to be enough in the vast majority of cases. But I know what you are saying and I mostly use paper wallets for the same reason.

But if you want the dividends then you have to be able to prove you are in possession of the safex. Maybe Dan can implement a system where you can sign a message that shows you are in control of the address that holds the coins. And if the coins have not moved then it can safely be assumed that the address you control had those coins at the time of the dividend disbursement. That signed message could then be held in the safex wallet.

So each month the system knows you control that address and disburses the dividends according to the number of coins in that address at the time of the disbursement.

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