Is this the move?

I wasn’t aware of that - that is a bit concerning. Something you could do (and I know, you shouldn’t be put into a position where you have to do this, because it costs money in transfer fees) is spread your holding among a few reputable exchanges. I know there aren’t a lot of options in this category.

check how many confirmations left.

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let’s shoot past the moon Hans,

Hans is a dutch name:stuck_out_tongue:

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using omniexplorer i see my Safex coins at the public address given to me by Safexchange when i purchase them, along with the private key. It took a few minutes to appear though, they said up to 24h.

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you mean how to sell them one day ?

if so: How to sell the coins


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Ok, i’m new here, yes, but I do own a decent amount of safex. Who is their target demographic for this? All that’s missing is the bong and a rainbow flag backdrop.

Actually Daniel told us about the Forbes interview himself. Do your research champ before looking foolish lol. Interview complete and it went for 2 hours!


That FORBES thing is a big JOKE. Is there anyone here who can update real progress?? Also Dan Dabek’s popular video is more than 2 years ago in Youtube- Just re-uploaded.

I believe in SAFEX but the wallet is taking a long time to come out but hope when it does it will be worth the wait. The only mistake he as made was giving a hard date on the release should have given a longer time frame so he could give himself some breathing room with less upset people. The only thing that makes me wonder didn’t he realise that it would take days to sync the wallet? Regardless I’m at 1.24 million safex and gonna hold so make large or go down with the ship no biggy got in what I can afford to loose everything is a gamble.

You’re about as useless as they come.

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