How to sell the coins

Once the time comes, how can I sell the coins? They are on my BTC address viewable via How do I send them out to an exchange?

Go to
Create Wallet
Go to the email address you created the wallet with
Check the email Omniwallet sends you
Copy & paste the wallet ID into the login field, along with your typed password
Go to the ‘send’ option under ‘My Wallet’
Select ‘SafeExchangeCoin’ from the choose coin drop down and set the ‘to address’
You may need to send more BTC to the wallet, to account for transaction fees
Hit send, and you’re good to go

I hope this helped!

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hello i want to know what will happen happen to the coins deposited to my bitcoin address after the august 1

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Best is to not move any bitcoins or safex coins during the July 31 or August 1, and/or until clear guidance and “coast is clear” is indicated

at best is to just leave safex coins in bittrex? and how can i move my safext coins from my bitcoin wallet to bittrex thank you dev

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No, its best to leave them at the BTC address.

Whichever chain the omni protocol (which safex is using) decides to use your coins will be there.

Thank you for your reply. With this information I was able to figure it out. :smiley:

I had purchased my SAFEX coins through coinbase and now facing issues to move my coins from Omniwallet to Bittrex. Please can anyone help.

You sent the safex back to your coinbase wallet address? You have to contact coinbase and see if the can send the safex to your bittrex address for you. Then never do that again.

Hi guys,

new to cryptoworld and Safex,

i also bought my Safex coins by sending bitcoins using Coinbase to the address given to me by Safe Exchange.

I chose method number 2, which gave me a public address and a private key. So now using the link at given to me by Safe Exchange, i can see the Safex coins i bought.

Is it correct to assume that i can sell my SAfex coins whenever i want because i have the private key of that public address ? (not that i intend to sell anytime soon, i just wanted to be sure i understand the system)