John McAfee live talk: cryptos, privacy coins (and Safex)

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Quick one just to give you the link of the interview

John McAfee mentions Safex at around 18m30s and 37m00s.

From Youtube: The Larry and Joe Show.

“Privacy coins are going to skyrocket through the roof and to the moon in value, we all know that”

This takes place after he mentioned on twitter that Safex is his largest crypto holding.

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1 mill a coin would be pretty nice!

Mr. John McAfee had some positive things to say about Safex in this interview. One of them being that Safex is one of the best value coins out there and that coins such as Monero, Safex, Verge, etc. will dominate in the future as more and more folks opt for privacy.

I thought it would be a good idea for these gentlemen to reach out to Dan Dabek and they liked that idea:

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Very nice dude, great way to seize an opportunity!

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I watched the whole interview and he is definitely a very interesting guy his thought processes and they way he breaks things down is pretty impressive… He’s very awake that’s for sure!