Just a thought!

This might sound a bit dumb I’m not to sure but it’s just a thought…
So im new to this and I have been reading all this stuff about exchanges delisting us over dividends and other stuff , which doesn’t really matter who cares what’s done is done…

But if I’m right everyone that holds there safex in the exchange wallets obviously no you can only earn dividends from the safex wallet…

So why doesn’t the exchange collect the dividends for everyone that has there coins in there wallet ?

Just a thought I don’t no if this is Evan possible or not but at the end of the day everyone will be happy.

Because its extra work for them and Dan has stated the coins have to be in the safex wallet to get dividends. So they have no requirement to do this extra work.

Also if you are not a holder (have coins in your safex wallet) then you are trader and not really part of the market place are you. Word to the wise if you are a holder than don’t have your holdings on an exchange.

I have coinspot does that make a difference or is it still risky having them in that wallet as well ?

As above, a reason not to store on coinspot.

“Dan has stated the coins have to be in the safex wallet to get dividends”