Keeping the faith

Please all supporters and dev’s keep faith. All good things are worth waiting for. Think of the boon when the Forbes article and the wallet arrive in close proximity. This is an excellent project and those of us waiting, need to allow the Dev’ team to complete their work. It really is a balance between marketing and production. I can totally forgive the delay for a functioning wallet. Those displaying less patience must chill(e) out, it would be more painful for all if the wallet was rushed and then crashed, the whole thing could burn. Imagine a Forbes article, followed by a wallet that didn’t work? Game over.

Get behind them, have patience and stay calm. Buy some more whilst they are bargain basement!

I trust the team, have faith - they will deliver when it is appropriate and real world ready.



Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it!

We know that most of you guys are pretty nervous because we broke two dates, but everyhing is coming as promised and all things will be great in every possible way, wait and see guys, just have a bit patience and that’s all what we’re asking for :wink:


Milan, as you can see - I have faith. I really respect the work you guys are doing. Please continue knowing there are faithful members backing you guys out there, who value your work and efforts.

All the best.


nicely said brother…

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Holy thread resurrection, Batman!

Anyways, this is a weird blast to the past. There was a Forbes article? How’d I miss that?

No worries, Milan. Thanks for keeping us posted to whats going on. We have faith in you guys. Keep up the good fight. :slight_smile:

I thought Milan no longer works for SAFEX

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