Launch date

I see the proof of concept on github but I’m not a developer so opening the files would take too much time. When is this planned to be a consumer usable product?


The target is for March 2016 to call it a 0.9;
By the summer to have a 1.0 so around June 2016.

I think that that is enough time to cover all of the foundational aspects of the exchange for people to get started with Safecoin, and contracts.

I envision that as soon as the Safe Network is allowing us to store data that we can start making items and offering contracts.

The github has a desktop version that lets you make a username and make aliases, make an item and simple sell and simple buy.

It lacks the finance part and interconnectivity with other people’s clients. That will be delivered after the crowdsale by March 2016 along with the voting application for Safe Exchange Coin owners. Have a clear dialogue with Omni Foundation engineers about putting that together, as a team!