Learning from our Mistakes

Obviously embarrassed to ask the question, but I was withdrawing Safe Exchange Coins from Trade Satoshi to a Safex (bitcoin address). The only problem is one character is lowercase when it should have been upper. Are these coins lost forever? I understand bitcoin has a sum check. I have 0 confirmations and no TXid for about a day.

At any rate if the coins are lost it is worth the cost in knowledge and learning from my mistakes. A costly one at that. I feel those who are actively engaged in cryptocurrency will be ahead of the game in the long run. It’s better to learn your mistakes now than later. My fears in “copying addresses” were either not selecting every character of the address, hacking private keys from copy clipboards, auto-correct, etc.


Yes 1 character upper or lower difference means coins could be lost forever;

You can CANCEL the withdrawal on tradesatoshi!


Thanks Dan. Unfortunately I had confirmed the withdrawal not long after, and it won’t allow me to cancel the with drawl now, as it says “Cancel Failed”. Lesson learned. :slight_smile:


You can also request from TS to check into the withdrawal


@safetriphome I think you’re OK; I just tested it out with a fucked up btc address and they perform absolutely NO validation on their withdrawal procedure.

You have a basis here; its them not, you.

While lesson still learned; you should NOT be at a loss here in this case. They can’t send to an invalid address.


Thanks Dan, I’ve contacted them, just waiting for a response. That’s reassuring. One would assume if the bitcoin address doesn’t exist and if 0 transactions never happen they would have to eventually come back the original address. I guess now it’s just a waiting game because it is still showing in my Trade Satoshi balance.


There should just be no “hidden fee” taking advantage on their part in this situation;


@dandabek Today my withdrawal showed as cancelled, and a few hours later TS support notified me it was. At any rate the coins returned to my balance and I was able to withdraw to my correct address. Theoretically what you sent the other day to that messed up bitcoin address should get cancelled soon too. You were right, they cannot send to an invalid address.


fantastic news! glad you had a positive resolution; a cheap lesson :wink: :sunrise:


The mistake made me research and learn even more about Bitcoin too which is a plus.