Learning + maybe building something useful

Hello everyone.

While learning ReactJS I started building some presentation website which would show offers provided by TWM API. I will work on it when I have free time. Idea is that users who are still not using TWM wallet be able to see offers here. It would be something similar to safex.ninja. I am interested in some wishes or ideas that you would like to see there.

It is still in starting phase but offers should be shown in this manner.

btw @dandabek am I free to use Safex graphics?


I think it is a great exercise to learning about the SafeX marketplace and the TWM API.

For safex graphics, it is a pretty vague request, but should be ok, if it starts being used in a way that is not conducive I would let you know.

More importantly, is that we are hiring, and working towards a proper website on a Full Time basis, I support anyone using the open source code and public facing APIs and especially the Blockchain itself as this is all open source and it is public. Keep in mind we expect to steam roll through such a task.


Steam roll with steam scroll.


Some progress on this. It will be possible to load offers offers from TWM API and unfiltered ones directly from blockchain. Also filter on offers (open/sold/all)

@dandabek with graphics I meant something like that on screenshots


This is pretty cool, as an interpreter of the stored/logged data from the blockchain if I’m reading you correctly?

What if the offer was edited? is this case being handled as well? Perhaps a tool tip showing all the cases where it was edited, and a version change flip through ? 0.o


Yup. I have separate service which is getting offers from blockchain rpc or from twm api and returning only necessary data for this purpose , depending on input parameter. Still in progress…Currently hosted at free Heroku server (https://safex-service.herokuapp.com/safex/api). For destination you can put TWM_API or BLOCKCHAIN.

I didn’t builded anything yet to automatic show adjust edited offer. It will be visible if you load page again :). But some pulling mechanism can be implemented

BTW since it is free Heroku server it will go to sleep if it is not used for some time and needs like 30 sec to wake up if you go to that link


some more progress can be checked at https://safex-offers.herokuapp.com/ . For offer details click on image


my favorite is the sold route, where you can see from the blockchain what was sold so far, pretty awesome to see this


@dandabek if you have something that you would like to have there you can write an idea. As next thing I want to show accounts on Account tab with info on how many active/sold offers per account. Doing this when I have some spare time and will