Lend a Helping Hand

I venture to say most of us didn’t enter crypto in 2009. But what if we had? I first learned of Bitcoin back somewhere around 2012. But did I do anything about it? No. I had heard of it and I thought well what is the point when I can use fiat? I didn’t realize most cryptocurrency in general is immune to inflation, immutable and peer to peer. Yet when I did learn these things in 2017 it was a daunting task of not only understanding it further but learning how to use it.

I have friends who have similar views. “What’s the point when I can use fiat?”, “Isn’t this dark money?”, “It’s worthless”, “You can’t spend it”, “It isn’t real”. I’m sure most of you have heard similar sentiments. I’d given up in despair believing that if they’re that ignorant then let them fail to reap the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Not only in their appreciation but in their usefulness as well.

There is a certain innate sense of power and freedom when holding private keys. What if someone had given you cryptocurrency back in 2009? Would you cherish that person today who had given you crypto? I think you would. It isn’t about the “I told you so” that is so often pushed in everyone’s face when they finally understand it. It’s about loving those you care about even when they’re so blinded to our governments, mainstream media and banking systems.

They’re lost in a sea of disinformation and lack of knowledge. We were all there at one time. That’s why in the coming weeks I plan to gift those I truly care about with cryptocurrencies. You can simply do it by funding a public address and giving them the private keys to store in a secure place. I urge you to do the same.

As our fiat economies collapse around us they’ll look back with joy and realize you came through for them when no one else could. By doing this not only are we spreading adoption, we’re opening a new door to freedom few understand. Ask not what Safex can do for you – ask what you can do for Safex.


Thank you for sharing your story. It inspired to a practical idea. When TWM wallet is out, i will help some of my younger family members to create a wallet and then also send some SFX to them! By sending a small amount as a gift they will keep track and learn more… after they are comfortable with the wallet basics, one day they might engage in the marketplace as well!


GREAT idea!!

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@SafeTripHome this makes learning by example much more fun and worthwhile.

Imagine teaching very young family members how to track the stats of GMV, learning to self start their own ecommerce store, reinvesting for compound earnings, or starting there retirement fund very early. Still applies to even older family members now that I think of it.

The problem is when they reach economics class in school, they might not want to know what the teacher had to say :crazy_face:

they will be able to follow my channels where I will try to report all of that for them in a way they can understand!

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