Liberland Blockchain Launch Feb 13, 2024

Today marks an incredible occasion in the cryptocurrency space, and also on our planet Earth. Today the Liberland Blockchain will go live. It is the first of its kind, enabling a government and its people to engage in full scale democracy using a distributed ledger, and cryptographic participation by its citizens.

For me it is so important. I first learned about Liberland while I was working on the earliest of all cryptocurrency projects in San Francisco all the way back in April of 2015. I thought what a momentous event taking place, far away in Europe a new nation was born and Bitcoin is its currency. When events like that took place and they incorporated Bitcoin or Blockchain into it, you knew you had to know about it.

Fast forward two years later I didn’t know I would be living next door in Serbia, and within that short time period I would meet the President of Liberland and help them on their mission by becoming officially the Ambassador from Liberland to Serbia. This was an amazing time in my life, and huge learning experience in my true capabilities and how society is developed on a global scale.

Here we are today with those dreams coming true. The land is being settled as we speak, and the people are invigorated and working towards a modern and I believe to become among the most modern civilizations on earth. I hope that Liberland will be a bulwark for democracy and freedom as well as technological innovation in Eastern Europe (my family are immigrants from Poland to America, and my heritage is from Poland). Liberland is the culmination of my global citizenship, commitment to liberty, and stewardship of good to humanity.

More about Liberland coins: Liberland Merits (LLM) are the currency of the citizens. These tokens represent sevaeral activities in Liberland. One is 10 LLM represent 1 square meter of Land ownership. Liberland Merits are also a token that represents your participation in the political system, which involves voting on representatives to carry out activities of the country. There is a supply of 70,000,000 LLM which represents the 7 square kilometers of the land available. And this also helps to determine the number of citizens since it will take 5,000 LLM to be a citizen.

Liberland Dollar (LLD) is the currency of the land. Liberland Dollars are also used to uphold the Liberland Blockchain. These can be staked and they earn from the new inflation. These are fully transferable and will be used for services on Liberland.

A key interesting fact about the Liberland Blockchain is that it is a fork from Polkadot which means it inherits all of the developments thus far that Polkadot has done; however, as a nation state I believe that the Liberland Blockchain stands to provide more services than any blockchain has ever provided so far on earth, since it can interact with other Nation States and provide a paradigm of innovation in a civilization development manner versus solely being in the Wild West state of crypto that has been.

I invite you all to dig deeper into the specifics of the blockchain the coins and the plans at this website:

There are a few additional topics in there including how to use the wallet and the sort.

So far the Liberland Dollar is trading on, and please expect it to be listed on

If this intrigued you feel free to dig in, set up your accounts and anticipate further growth there. And I look forward to see how you view this as it is, and where it will be in the future!

Daniel Dabek


Thank you for this nice story!


$39k 24h volume already for LLD on Coinstore. Not bad!


There are several exchanges that are following in.


Thanks for the heads up I grabbed some LLD, I haven’t figured out the wallet situation yet haha. In good time.
The whole thing is very interesting, The world is evolving right in front of us.


I remember back in the day people thought safex might be a part of the Liberland economy, are there any plans that can be discussed about safex adoption in liberland?


I’m not sure what anyone really meant by that. Safex was not supposed to be an EVM like ethereum, and I didn’t want to be in the middle of the deployment of the Liberland Blockchain, only a part. I wanted to let the group be a group and decide altogether and I’m so glad that I did.

We don’t need to fit every single thing in the world in Safex (besides all the products of the world to be sold).

So is Safex a part of Liberland, I say absolutely! and so is Bitcoin, Monero, etc. welcome to the future of our digital civilization! to the Blockchain Nation!