Listing Safex in new exchanges -

Ok, we all understand that Bittrex is delisting safex on the 15th of December, but can we not now focus on trying to get listed on other major exchanges. There needs to be a lot of time and effort put into this space. I understand from Dan’s announcement today that the safex team is working on being listed on other exchanges, but we need a major one or I fear that this project will lose interest. Any suggestions?

Why is no one throwing around coinspot name i have nothing but a great experience with them.


When I say major exchange I’m talking large trading volumes. Coinspot is a good place to buy safex, but it’s not a major exchange.

Binance or Poloniex


Ok fair enough

So @dandabek could you by any chance let us know how can we help you with getting SAFEX listed on either of those exchanges?


I’m sure its very complicated song and dance

Some takeaways:
“We cannot list any token that resembles a security. We suggest token devs familiarize themselves with The Howey Test”.


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Ya that suuuucks … but one thing to consider, Chile coin might be the answer to the exchanges. In theory one would keep safex for the Dividends and Trade with Chile on the Exchanges… Best of both worlds

C’mon Binance, this is a rocket waiting for fair weather to launch!


Where am I seeing Dan’s announcement from today?

YouTube’s Safex Channel. He uploads an announcement weekly

Binance is what we need! I It’s based in Shanghai and registered in Hong Kong. It’s exempt from the US regulations. Look how well bitshares is doing on it since it was delisted from bittrex. @dandabek let’s try and make this happen. It’s an important step

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Binance Please

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Just so you are all aware, once bittrex delistes Safex we will still have 14 days to get our Safex out of the bittrex wallet. Delisting just means they won’t allow it to be traded anymore.

Also, according to Binance rules, developers aren’t even allowed to mention that they are working with Binance on getting a coin listed. The only way Dan could talk about it is if Binance mentions it first. So the fact that Dan has deliberately avoided bringing that up in his update is a good sign.


Dan not mentioning Binance is not necessarily a good sign. It could also mean he hasn’t been in contact with them and he didn’t think it was worth mentioning. I’d love for Safex to be listed on Binance though. NEO is on Binance and credits your account GAS each month. Should Safex be listed on Binance, maybe they’d be able to do the same thing with “dividends”.

Don’t suppose anyone has heard when Bittrex maintenance will be finished. There are probably a bunch of angry Safex, NAV, SC, and MAID people right now :scream:

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True, but it can also be what SheepWazoo said. In which case, Dan is expressedly NOT allowed to share this news. Now, since we know they are working on getting SAFEX listed on new platforms, and expecting a surge once it goes public.

Good point with NEO, some of the developers might look into it.

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Binance and Safex is like Schrodigner’s cat :cat:


Yeah I’m aware of what bittrex is used for. But from a business stand point, people including businesses which we want to partner with may overlook safex if we are not on a major exchange. Safex is a good idea, strong project, but it needs everything going for it to scale.

I wasn’t aware of the binance rule of not mentioning it! Fingers crossed!


HI! we must add exchanges, no matter if big now, everyone are good we need someone big but if we dont have it we must add all the little exchanges we can obtain and add more market capital for now