Listing sales

i now finally have 1000 sft in my wallet, it wast clear to me at first hand that you need tokens to be a seller, but now that I got the tokens in the wallet i was expecting that I could start to list products for sale… unfortunately i can’t and I don’t know how to go further. Is there some video available that explains me how to create nft’s and list products for sale, would be a great help.


oh and also, stake 1000 sft is in the pinned tweet of safex, but my wallet tells me minimum to stake is 25k, do I have the right wallet?


You need 1000 SFT to create a vendor account. Those SFT get locked (not staked - so the tweet does appear to use a poor choice of term that has led to your confusion) for ~30days [22k blocks] (not 22 days, per the same tweet :man_facepalming:) when the account is created, after which time they return to your available balance.

The current TWM v1 does not have the Merchant functionality included, but ever since the v7 hardfork last December, you could have used the cli wallet to create the account, as you still can. (Over 1000 merchant accounts have already been created via cli wallet.)

Dan has indicated that v2 or v3 of TWM will allow for the creation of a merchant account in the TWM wallet.

For staking the SFT, it is indeed a 25k SFT minimum.

There are no NFT creation capabilities on the Safex blockchain, but the TWM wallet/API has been coded to allow the sale of NFTs from other chains in the future.