Live Q & A with Safex founder: Daniel Dabek hosted by Rich Bate, February 10, 2019

Daniel Dabek joins the community in an open discussion about their questions. Rich Bate, founder of Safex News ferries questions from the community forum and Dan answers them. Tune in.


My God, This was just outstanding from our Richie and Dan, to put this together and present such a great Q&A is so promising, and Dan’s willingness to kill off any concerns at the end was worth waiting for.


I’m really looking forward to weekly updates on what’s going on with the project.

Right now we don’t know anything.

Thank you


I actually wanted to ask a question regarding security ! What kind of security checks and balances would the safex marketplace employ other than the fact its decentralized is there any mechanisms to track or block bad actors in the marketplace who lurk just to take advantage of unsuspecting public !

When one enters the marketplace will you be presented with a keystore similar to entering a dex ?

apologies for my ignorance ! Just thought that security is a high priority especially on a marketplace !


Yes, the entire blockchain acts as a huge keystore, we can apply filtering in order to root out people with poor reputation;

as a merchant you can opt not to receive trade offers with people with less than 0 reputation;

for high value products you can require someone with 0 reputation can participate in a transaction with you.

All of these configurations are available to all of us.